Thank You Hopewell-Loudon Community for Renewing HL Pride


Thank You For Your Support

We are asking the voters of the district to renew our current emergency levy which expires December, 2014.
This levy generates $570,000, and will renew at 5.24 mills.
The levy will run for 5 years - the same length as the expiring levy.
Because the levy is being renewed rather than replaced, the tax levy will continue to receive a 10% reduction to the homeowner as a non-business credit and if owner occupied, the 2.5% owner-occupancy tax reduction on the homesite.

With this levy renewal, taxpayers who own non-business property (homes, farms, etc.) will continue to receive the 10% rollback.  If they live in the home they own, they receive an additional 2.5% rollback.  If this levy is NOT renewed, this credit is lost and taxpayers would have to pay the full amount on future NEW levies.  
The Homestead credit (for those 65 and over) remains the same for those who already have qualified.

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Paid for by: Keep HL Pride Alive
Thomas Weaver, Treasurer

Campaign entirely funded with private donations.
No school district funds or tax money have been used.

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